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Kanye has won in life.

not really how you winning with a female who got famous that made a sex tape

^ thank you. It’s not all about physical assets.


Keeping up with the kardashians was already in filming when her sex tape was leaked for starters and her tape was made in 2003 only leaked in 07. Not only was she already famous and rich from her dad Robert kardashian and from hanging out with Paris Hilton and her sisters had already had the first DASH opened and running before her sex tape and not only did most of you people find out about her sex because it was on the said on the show and the true Hollywood story. Do you really think Paris is going to hang out with a poor bitch and a no-body? Or do you think ray j was going to date some random bitch? If she didn’t have a name for herself he would of rooted her and fucked her off. The kardashian family then built an empire and built the brand by how successful the show was. Most people fell inlove with the show and the family not from her sex tape you dumb cunts most of you haven’t even seen it.